List of Plant and Machinery (Construction)
1.1 Ton Transport truck 1 no.
Concrete breaker (HILTI) 5 no.
Concrete Lifts 5 nos.
Concrete Mixers (1 bag) 6 nos.
Core cutting m/c (HILTI) 2no.
Gas cutting set 4no.
Generators 17.5kW 1no.
Generators 25.0 Kw 1no.
Generators 5kW 2 nos.
Laser leveler (HILTI) 1no.
Lathe 1no.
Mini RMC 2 no.
Needle Vibrators 18nos.
Piling Sets 40 nos.
Power Hacksaw 1no.
Power Wood Planer 1no.
Scaffolding 30000 sqft.
Sheet Rolling m/c 1no.
Shuttering and Centering 60000 sqft.
Steel & Concrete cutters 5” 5nos.
Stone polishing m/c 4no.
Surface/ Plate Vibrators 6 nos.
Water Pumps 10 nos.
Welding plants 10no.
Wood working m/c 2no.


List of Plant and Machinery (SURVEY & Geotechnical Investigation)
Tripods and Ancillaries 10sets
Plate load test set ups. 3sets
Borehole equipment 8sets
SPT Testing equipment 3sets
Dynamic Cone Penetration test 5sets
Laboratory Equipments:
a)     Direct shear apparatus 1 Nos
b)     Triaxial Shear Test apparatus 2 Nos
c)     Consolidation Test Apparatus 2 Nos
d)     Liquid limit, Plastic limit apparatus 2 Nos
e)     Grain size (Sieves) with Sieve Shakers 3 Nos
f)      Ovens 3 Nos
g)     Weighing Balances 2 Nos
h)    Compression Testing Machines 2 Nos
i)      Universal Testing Machines 1 Nos
j)       CBR Test Apparatus 2 No
k)     Proctor Density Apparatus 2 Nos
Total Station 1 Nos
Theodoites 2 Nos
I.O.P Levels 2 Nos
Tables & Allied Equipment 6 sets
Containers 6 sets